Raise Your Voice


“Raise Your Voice” is a Strategic Partnership supporting innovation in the field of Adult education aimed at exploring the potential of public speaking in response to the changing world in which the majority of relationships and business agreement are done online and not in presence. This, to help young adults in the process of personal and professional development through enhancement of advanced communication and entrepreneurial skills, with a specific focus on public speaking ability. As demonstrated by the COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020 where most world companies had to stop or adapt to remote working, in this new world of communication, the ability to speak effectively will be always more important to over the lack of physical contact and its communicativeness. This will be achieved by producing an innovative methodology regarding the transition of non-formal skills in the adult education field of advanced communication and entrepreneurial expertise, the methodology will be established on the foundation of the Non–Formal Education and competence-based approach to the development and consolidation of freshly accomplished skills.

The project complements the focus on public speaking skill with additional attention to entrepreneurial and communicative impairment. Raise Your Voice deploys an intervention on the development and promotion of an innovative methodology on skills-related transition and takes in consideration the young adults’ learning cycle dimension through a systematic assessment that will be based on educational, integrational, and creative factors.

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