The SMART VET Strategic Partnerships is a cross-sectoral project between VET organizations, SMEs and YOUTH organizations, composed by 7 partners from 6 countries (UK PL IT CY RU TR) with different expertise. The consortium will prepare an improvement program specifically designed to increase VET teachers, trainers and mentors’ ability to foster VET students’ transition to the labour market.  


The project will offer new way to foster in VET students the critical mind-sets needed to help business and the public sector to innovate their processes and systems to accomplish with the high standard set by European and National Governments. Based on overview by Education and Training 2020 (ET 2020), entrepreneurial and wider transversal skills, such as the ability to learn and take initiative, plan and execute work in autonomy will help people to deal with today varied and unpredictable society situation, fostering their access to the labour market and transition to better work conditions.

Within the 24 month long project, the partners will

*Develop a new training possibility for VET Educators and foster their ability to ensure solid support to  (ex) VET students looking for a job  

*Develop a web-based educational tool to offer (ex) VET students a new way to learn about how economic organizations work while developing skills and competences needed by the labour market, in a safe way 

The SMART VET training program and interactive tools aim at equipping VET teachers, trainers and mentors in 

+learn innovative mentoring and fostering techniques, based on non-formal education to tackle some of the challenges offered by the remote-learning situation 

+learn how use digital, interactive materials and tools to offer more engaging learning possibility to (ex) VET students  

+learn how to foster (ex) VET students’ soft skills via mentoring while on remote learning situations.

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