Innovative use of ICT tools and coaching/teaching techniques in blended adult learning environment

INNOVA is a small-scale project aiming at creating a toolkit to increase educators’ ability to plan and deliver more engaging on/off line learning/coaching sessions with adult learners in SMEs, using learning/coaching techniques and ICT tools more efficiently. During the project, the partners will select and test coaching/mentoring/teaching techniques and ICT tools that are more adequate to foster transversal and social skills in adult participants, both in online and offline sessions. 


During this small-scale project, the partners will exchange good practices and expertise on how to plan, implement and deliver more engaging on/off line learning/coaching sessions with adult learners in SMEs, using innovative learning/coaching techniques and ICT tools more efficiently. 


1) Best practices research on tools and techniques (T&T) used for coaching and online learning, divided into 3 areas of the process: needs assessment, planning & implementing, validation & feedback offering. 

2) Discussing, analyzing and selecting the T&T during a transnational work session among the partners  

3) Testing the selected T&T with a group of final users (adults in different learning context: individual or group session, face-to-face, online,) 

4) Validating the results with other educators end experts (coaches, adult trainers, adult teachers, HR managers, trainers…) such as the target group of the action 

5) Sharing the results with local stakeholders and EU level partners 



*Improved partners’ knowledge and expertise thanks to good practice sharing and mutual support and working in an international cooperation

*Enlarged understanding on ITC tools and boosted capacity for planning, delivering and communicating with learners

*boosted personal and professional skills for 9 (3X3) partners’ trainers involved in the transnational work sessions 

*a toolkit prepared with at least 6 tools and 6 techniques selected and described 

*3 focus groups organized to test and fine tuning the selected T&T, involving adult learners 

*3 focus groups organized to validate and promote the toolkit with educators and other experts in coaching, teaching, adult learners development, SMEs support 

*increased possibility for planning follow-up actions 

The target audience of the project is SME educators in a broad way, which include coaches, mentors, trainers and other professionals involved in supporting SMEs in developing new skills and competences, for both their managers and the staff employed in those organizations. 


In a wider sense, the target group the project is targeting includes also other professionals working with SMEs, as: 

+consultants -both freelance or employed in companies offering services to SMEs 

+ teachers/trainers providing services in work-based learning programs with SMEs,

+teachers/lecturers in executive university programs, which has students as SME professionals and individual entrepreneurs

+ Institutions who are counselling entrepreneurs and innovators in building up their businesses, included chamber of commerce, and other SMEs associations 

+other organizations are the partners, especially those involved in EU projects and serving similar target groups 

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