Our mission is promoting lifelong learning possibilities for all, offering new opportunities to those interested in increasing their skills and knowledge.
We specialise in EU projects writing and management. We want to offer Italian counterparts a new way to get in contact with EU based organizations. Check out our projects and contact us for more possibilities.
If you are interested in getting in touch with Italian associations, schools, VET institutions, Universities and also SMEs and public institutions, contact us, we are will offer the best solution for your needs.


The association was founded with a strong inclination toward international and project-based cooperation. The mission of the association is offering Italian organizations and citizens the opportunity to get in contact with EU counterparts, be part of the international community and learn from and with people with other culture. With our projects, we aim at fostering competences in all citizens and, above all, help them in finding new ways to ‘shape their ideas’.
With our work, we hope to decrease socio-economic differences, tune down stereotypes and fight discrimination in all its form. One project the time!


  • Needs analysis, study for improvement areas, causes for disadvantages and delays, but also waste of resources and in general for the elements that are preventing enhancement  in selected areas
  • Understanding of the context in which the project or activities will be delivered, to ensure sustainable results and positive returns 
  • Study of the feasibility of a project idea, to make sure the project will be successful with a sound impact in the areas of interest
  • We look constantly for best practices on actual themes to use them as inspiration for new projects and select the most suitable partners and allies at local and EU level 
  • We are used to work in an international environment. We update our list of International contacts regularly and we have firm collaborations in several EU countries. We rely on them as they trust on us for offering the right match for their projects
  • We find the best sponsor at EU or local level to get the project’s idea activated 
  • We prepare the project proposal, based on the needs of the promoter or the partnership, or based on actual challenges that are affecting our communities 
  • We prepare all the documents to get the project activated, including the budget and the project’s plan. 
  • We can manage all areas in the project life circle, included the tools and materials needed to train the project’s staff or assessing the impact of the project on the participants 
  • We can prepare management manuals and tools, budget and tools to monitor the financial progress and all the other elements needed to manage the team toward the project’s completion 
  • We can report the ongoing activities, prepare follow up plans, assess the impact of the action on the partners and report to the sponsors
    • We can prepare monitor plans, complete with tools and references to assess whether the project reaching its scope, on time, on budget and within the aim of the program
    • We can proper quality assurance and quality control plans and manual, and establish the most appropriate sets of indexes and indicator to monitor project’s activities 
    • We can create tools to assess all the elements in the project lifecycle, assessing the cooperation levels, the efficacy of the coordination, the efficiency in the use of the resources and offer suggestions for improvement

Lifelong learning

with formal and non-formal techniques

Project design

from the idea to the final report


for better cooperation and reach