The project’s main aims and goals are related to the EU Youth Strategy and the European Youth Goals, in particular: Connecting EU with Youth, Equality of All Genders, Information & Constructive Dialogue, Space and Participation for All and Youth Organisations & European Programmes, all the mentioned before by combating all forms of discrimination and promoting actions to encourage young people’s fair and equal access to opportunities and facilitate their transition to adulthood, including in the civic life, at school and in the world of work.


Our mission with the Espolitica EU project is to raise awareness of gender equality through the encouragement of young women for a meaningful participation in civic, economic, social and political fields. Development of a network of organisations on an international level whose aim is the encouragement of young women to participate in civic and democratic life.

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Objectives and aims of this project:

  • Create a campaign to raise awareness of European policy agendas in youth, especially equality of all genders while creating space for dialogue and participation for all.
  • Create an international network of informal schools of politics for young women in 9 different countries around Europe in order to cooperate and share good practises and tools.
  • Reach at least 150 young women from different partner countries to support them and encourage their peers in their local communities.
  • Strengthen leadership capacities and female representation in decision-making positions, so they lead and manage their own projects according to their local specific needs.
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