CREATE Women co-create sustainable fashion garments

During the project, the partners will create an education toolkit and an educators handbook that instruct fashion practitioners on how to add circular economy (circular fashion) practices to their teaching. The purpose is tackling pollution problem caused by the fashion industry, by empowering women (designers) to create garments and accessories using recycled textiles.

The environmental and social cost of the clothing and textile industry has been increased dramatically the late years globally and is expected to continue this linear course in the future. “Sustainability has risen on the corporate agenda, but half of the fashion industry has yet to take action and overall progress is too slow”. (Global Fashion Agenda, CEO List 2019).


At a global level, clothing and footwear contribute 10% on the world’s greenhouse gas emissions annually ,  more than those of international flights and sea transportation (maritime, international shipping) added together (World Bank). Moreover, it creates 20% of global wastewater on an annual basis. Cotton production uses 2.5% of the world’s cultivatable land (Ellen McArthur foundation). The dyeing and finishing phase of textiles production can require as much as 200 tonnes of water for every tonne of textiles produced (Yusuf, 2018).  

back ground, culture and nationality working together to use, repurpose, refashion and recycle textile and other waste coming from the fashion industry, to create sustainable fashion garments and accessories. 

The purpose of the activities propose by the CREATE program is to developing (green) skills that are relevant to the fashion sector to make it more sustainable and, more importantly, foster women’s ability to become “become true agents of change”.   


To tackle the pollution problem caused by the fashion industry, the CREATE consortium will prepare and testing a new learning program that sees women (of different age, education level and nationality thus culture) co-creating and produce a sustainable capsule collection. Sustainable capsule collection is a new sustainable way of working that allow the designer to recycled textiles or waste clothing to produce new garments. A circular fashion industry is one in which waste and pollution are designed out, products and materials are kept in use for as long as possible, including through reusing and recycling, and where natural systems are regenerated. 

In order to reach the project’s aim, within the project lifetime, the partner will 

*Make circular economy and circular fashion practices more accessible to anyone interested in designing sustainable garments, their educators too

*Offer a new collaborative method that brings together women of different age, education level, nationality and culture to co-design and co-create new garments with recycled textiles or waste clothing 

*train adult educators’ knowledge on how to recycle, refashion, reuse recycled textiles to create new garments, using the CREATE method and tools

*offer a secure and nurturing space where women can get together and share abilities and talents, offer moments for  spontaneous mentoring among participants 

*test the CREATE program and tools with a group of women and assess results with them 

*Validate the project’s results with at stakeholders and experts, to share ownership and increase visibility  

*Boost the sustainability, exploitation and transferability of the results by actively informing and involving local and regional stakeholders during and after the project lifetime

*promote a new way of buying and producing cloths, by promoting the project’s and pilot results 

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