Complete support from the planning stage to the full project development and implementation of the activities 

  • Competence development programs – courses and workshops aimed at fostering key and transversal competences needed both in our life and at work. Our programs are for single individuals or people in groups, and are development during the cooperation with specialists with different background, professionalism and nationalities 
  • International partnerships – design of projects in cooperation with Italian and EU based organizations. One of the main aim of the association is favour international cooperation possibilities to entities not used to think at the EU level. Our team will help them to get the project started and get the best from the cooperation 
  • Needs analysis – we research the needs of our target groups and our partners to offer the solutions that best suit the partnership and, above all, are well connected with the local context 

We contribute at 

  • Empowering individuals and foster their ability to take informed decisions, to gain more control over their actual possibilities, and plan for a better future 
  • Increasing a wide set of competences needed to compete on the XXI century labour market and aimed at fostering key and be an active part of the community. 
  • Internationalization of selected organizations, by favouring exchanges of best practices, training and learning activities organized with the support of international partners, participation to translational partnership and in general get a better understanding of the advantage to be part of the European lifelong learning Community 
  • Spreading the concept of sustainable development in every aspect of our work, society, actions and teaching/learning materials and method. We study and promote economic and development models in the respect of the environment, culture, social aspects of our community.
  • Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mind-set – we foster people’s ability to take charge of their success and we support them in realize their plans, offering tools and methods to shape their ideas, and take action.


We help people and organizations in defining clear and SMART objectives, select partners in Italy and in Europe and look for sponsors to realize them


We can support organizations from the planning stages to report writing, financial and budget management and meeting participation and planning.


We can support organizations in all the phases of the project life-circle, including the preparation of project’s specific products and methodologies


We organize courses and workshops on topics as entrepreneurship, sustainability, financial education, circular economy, but also sustainable farming and food safety … Our team is composed by experts in different topics and with different approach to personal and professional development. The contents of our programs have been developed and tested with experts at the international level, and your teachers and trainers acquired new skills and professionalism by working with them. 

We do offer the enhancement of skills that are not always inserted in traditional learning and education programs, but that are essential to navigate todays’ labour market: communication skills, problem solving, digital skills and overall the ability to never stop learning and gain new competences.


We offer complete support from the needs analysis, project design and implementation, up to the final reporting of the activities and financial situation. Our programs are in line with the actual EU policies and we scan them constantly to stay updated on the latest opportunities. 

We are inspired by the best practices coming from our European colleagues and partners. We are guided by the sustainable development goals to have clear view over our priorities. We aim at looking at the 20 principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights and we use them to guide us in creating fair, inclusive and full of opportunity for all. Our projects are aimed at the unemployed, the low skilled and in general all citizens that need more support at the end for formal education or they need an extra motivation to re-enter education, as an adult. 

We are also contributing directly in updating the EU Youth Strategy with our work in YOUTH oriented 

projects and youth exchanges.