Youth in EU need more refined competences, tools, networking possibilities and best practices to reach their potential. The project’s main objective is to increase youth participation in civic life, to foster cross-border mobility and increase youth cooperation in projects. In partner countries, we have identified that youth are sometimes are reluctant to engage in a collaboration outside their local environment or share ideas and information – which is a basis for the COHERENT project’s needs analysis. 


The overall aim of the program under which the project is implemented is offering suggestions to improve EU level Youth policies. Our project will focus on learning more on goal 

#3 INCLUSIVE SOCIETIES, Enable and ensure the inclusion of all young people in society.

#4 INFORMATION & CONSTRUCTIVE DIALOGUE, Ensure young people have better access to reliable information, support their ability to evaluate information critically and engage in participatory and constructive dialogue.

#10 SUSTAINABLE GREEN EUROPE, Achieve a society in which all young people are environmentally active, educated and able to make a difference in their everyday lives.


In particular, our project will focus on 3 main EU YOUTH goals and investigate them under different point of views. Current circumstances are challenging and have shaken up societies, welfare systems, and economies. This is in a line with EU barometer, where 67% youth priority is “protecting environment and climate change”, followed by “improving education” (56%). This premise represents an important factor for future EU development and networking, which need to be structured and extrapolated. Future of Europe emphasizes that youth felt disconnected by civil engagement, and that promotion of knowledge and competences building represents a key essence. 

COHERENT makes short and long-term impacts on youth, NGOs, and others, well as socio-economic environments, such as acquire new competences, skills and mind-set regarding sustainable EU, democracy, participation, citizenship, increased target groups interest in participation, increased cooperation

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