CE-E VET strategic partnership will offer a new ways for VET schools and VET providers to boost VET students’ key competences using sustainable entrepreneurship and circular economy as activators of employability skills and ability to adapt to the ever changing labour market conditions.  


Our project proposes a programme that addresses the personal development of VET students, focusing especially on building their motivation for participating in society and contributing to the labour market, increase their confidence as employees, entrepreneurs or citizens, while enhancing employability skills using entrepreneurship as an activator for interest and ICT based strategies to get in touch with educators and society. 


The project respond to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development under Goal 8 on “Promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all” and is also directly linked to SDG 4 on education. Developing skills needed for a sustainable economy is already recognised as a critical business issue and even if society and companies are moving toward a greener economy, embedding sustainability or ethical business practices into companies business is more challenging than just “help the company go green”. Small and medium enterprises (SME) are in need for managers capable of guiding the company toward a positive change, making the right choices based actual possibilities. 


Vocational and technical education has to provide individuals with the skills, abilities and competencies necessary for their occupations in accordance with the targets of economy and the demands of business world. A distinguished characteristic of the project is the focus on offering VET STUDENTS sufficient knowledge about sustainability, circular economy, and the other essential knowledge connected to entrepreneurship to increase their ability to find solutions to current issues connected to their profession specifically. 

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