We are a not-for profit association active in the fields of adult education, Youth, VET, Entrepreneurship and sustainability. Our mission of the association is promoting lifelong learning and professional development opportunities to all citizens in needs for wider and stronger employability skills, digital competences and in general better skills to achieve their professional and life plans, competences and attitude thus enabling them in making the changes they need in their professional or personal life, with their own strengths and talent.

We offer activities with a great emphasis on: 

  • facilitate the development of the right mix of technical, digital, life and sustainability competences to be prepared to compete on the labour market 
  • promote EU values of inclusion, equality, peace and right to access to services by all citizens and humans of any age, nationality and socio-economic background 
  • favouring the development of SMART entrepreneurship competences both in new and navigated entrepreneurs and managers  
  • Contribute to SMEs and entrepreneurs ability to innovate increasing their changes to get in contact with EU counterparts and prosper in the EU unique market 
  • Enhance companies and organizations to include sustainability in their plans while offering more empowering HR development plans 
  • foster intercultural dialogues, multiculturalism and intercultural exchange by bringing together different lifestyles, points of view and philosophies using EU projects as activators of interests in any local actor

We aim at inspiring adults, seniors, youth, youth workers, trainers and educators in any sector to grow personally and professionally. The association was born to offer a FRAME to help people turning their ideas in concrete plans and projects. Our mission is offering them the opportunity to increase their abilities,


We aim at offering solutions for social change, based on shared strategies and ideas, to foster socio-economic development in all citizens and their communities.


We favour the development of specific skills and competence to make improvement long lasting and effective.


We aim at making our target groups stronger, and able to act and decide by themselves, with confidence


We use the 17 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS to get our mission focused on what is important and urgent


Most of our offer is planned, developed, assessed and powered with our international counterparts.

Our mission

The activities offered aim at empowering both young and adults citizens, with a particular attention to those that are at risk of social and economic exclusion and help them in developing the skills needed on the actual labour market and support them in facing their socio-economic barriers. In particular, the COVID19 crisis stressed the need to find new ways to involve weak target groups keeping with the digital transformation in order to shorten the digital divide. For this reason, a key aspect of our work will be offering  educational tools that will make learning more attractive, to all citizens, not only youngsters, and help them all in using communication and information technologies in a healthier and more productive way. 


A team of experienced educators, trainers, coaches, youth workers, skills development facilitators and other professionals compose the association. They have been brought together by the mission of creating innovation and empowerment possibilities, participation and inclusion of anyone in need for a new (or second) chance in life, with a special care for marginalised and weak social groups as the long-term unemployed, youth from underprivileged regions, unemployed women, elderly people and immigrants.  

Our audiences